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Trophies awarded to Oreo69


  1. Promoted (100 points)

    Unlocks when you refer at least one person to the site.


  1. Lovable (1K points)

    Unlocks after receiving a reaction score of 100 on stuff you've posted.
  2. Likable (100 points)

    Unlocks after receiving a reaction score of 10 on stuff you've posted.


  1. Chat Newb (100 points)

    Unlocks after posting 100 chat messages.
  2. Doesn't Shut Up (10K points)

    Unlocks after posting 10,000 chat messages.
  3. Chatterbox (1K points)

    Unlocks after posting 1,000 chat messages.


  1. Account Secure (1K points)

    Unlocks when you add two-step verification to your account!
  2. Old School (10 points)

    For people who were members of MyInkedSpace, KrackSocial, or Zocialized between 2010 and 2014.

Member Trophies!

  1. Captain Inked (5K points)

    To unlock this trophy, ask @Inked for it while in chat with him.